guitars repaired and restored at subterranean music works in bath maine

I strive to repair instruments in a way that respects their histories, and meets the needs of their owners.

Different instruments and different owners have different needs.  There are repairs I would do to keep a thirty year old, $100 guitar playing that I would not do on a highly valuable vintage instrument, and vice versa.

In general, and especially with more valuable instruments,  my repair approach favors reversability.  This does not reflect a lack of confidence on my part, but a recognition of the fact that the instrument will have a future after it leaves my shop:  you don’t weld the hood shut after changing the oil.

I have returned plywood Yamahas to roadworthiness, and restored Martins over one hundred years old to function and beauty after decades of neglect, and everything in between.  I will bring the same respect for the integrity of the instrument, and high quality repair, to your instrument.


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