Neck heel carving

Posted By on August 11, 2011

Maple leaves and whirligigs on the heel of an L-26 I’m building.  I don’t do this sort of carving on every guitar (some folks like the neck to be smooth under the thumb), but I do love to challenge myself in new ways with this sort of thing.  This customer requested a maple leaf design, and left the rest up to me.  I hope he likes it!

In the second photo you can see something that looks sort of like a donut.  That’s the place where a strap button will be put.  I like to build that into the design, so the customer can have the strap button be in the right place without hurting the design.

Bass (player's) side, showing maple leaves.

Center/treble side showing maple whirligigs.


Bass side and center view, showing leaves and whirligigs together.

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